Accounting & Taxation

Consider this. It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday. Would you rather be locked up in your home office trying to reconcile your books or enjoying a long, leisurely, laughter-filled lunch with family or friends? It makes sense to leave the accounting to dmca, after all, we are accountants and that's what we do. And when you've been working all week, take a break, enjoy the lunch, relax, refresh and enjoy the confidence that your financial affairs are in order, being monitored and cared for by a dedicated team with specialised skills.   

dmca clients know what they want, where they are heading and what their goals are. What's more, they know that we will make sure they get there. If or when you're ready for more than basic accounting and taxation, we're ready for you at dmca.

Every year there are new tax rulings and determinations, modifications, clarifications and constant alterations to govern what you can and cannot do, what constitutes compliance (for that year) and what you are legally obliged to divulge.

dmca provide accurate, clear and consistent advice on all the taxation issues relevant to small to medium businesses. We work very closely with you to develop effective, workable strategies that will minimise the tax burdens on your business and on your personal finances. 

For instance, do you know how to structure your estate plan to ensure the very best tax result for your family? How about your investment portfolio? Do you know how to minimise capital gains tax so you achieve the best financial return from your investments? We do!

That's why you need dmca on your side. When it comes to tax, we have a wealth of knowledge and services including:

  • Tax planning – business structuring, entity selection, consolidations
  • Income tax – personal, business and superannuation
  • Capital Gains Tax – advice,  strategies,  estate planning
  • Fringe Benefits Tax – advice, compliance, salary packaging, exemptions
  • GST – registration, compliance, advice, grouping

So as the saying goes, every accountant worth his or her salt does tax. That's right. They take the figures from your books, complete your return, maybe print out a report and send you a bill. 

dmca take a more holistic, integrated approach. When you become a dmca client, we immerse ourselves in your business and financial affairs. We work with you, not for you. By working with us, you are empowered with regular, current information giving you intelligent insight into your financial situation.

You get the best advice, pro-active solutions and a clear plan of action – up front. 

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